Bridport Harbour Bridport Harbour


The harbour has 163 drying moorings with the majority let for private use. There are 24 commercial moorings for either fishing vessels or passenger vessels carrying fewer than 12 people. 

There is currently a waiting list for a mooring. Information regarding eligibility and management of moorings can be found in the harbour  Harbour Policy Rules and Regulations

There is an administration fee on approval to the waiting list, which is non-refundable expect upon acceptance of a mooring, this will then be deducted from your first mooring fee.

We hold a waiting list for temporary moorings too, applications are via the link above. 

NOTE -Temporary moorings are offered subject to space available once mooring holders have renewed and permanent mooring holders on the waiting list has been offered.

Mooring Fees

Private (Apr - Sept) Per M £101.00
Commercial (Apr - Mar) Per M £101.00
Temporary (Apr - Sep) Per M Per Month £26.00